Top Ways to Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

We live in a world of limited resources and unlimited wants and that makes life to be always about making decisions. You make decisions everyday about work, life, school, your future, just to name a few. It may seem overwhelming at times to have many responsibilities and decisions to make. You need to learn on how to make decisions thoughtfully by gathering all the required information and giving yourself ample time to think and evaluate situations.

When you are faced with situations to make decisions, here is how to go about it to make better and faster decisions.


Use rational thinking

The first step to making better decisions is to gather information about situations and understand the factors involved in each situation. Talk with all parties involved and gather any additional information required to help you make informed decisions. You need to avoid making decisions based on limited information. Have a critical though process about what information is needed to make better decisions.


Avoid making emotionally charged decisions

If you find yourself too emotionally invested in an issue, there are high chances your judgement will be clouded. You need to avoid acting impulsively, but instead, use careful and rational thinking. Focus on all facts of the situation rather than your ego, impulsive desires and personality preferences. When you make decisions when anxious, upset or stressed, you will most likely make poor decisions. Learn to always take a step back to avoid acting out of emotions.


Take time when making decisions

You need to give yourself time to thoughtfully make a decision. In most times, you may fee rushed to make decisions. Those decisions may be big enough to require more thought any careful examination. You don’t need to feel any pressure or obligation to make decisions before you’re ready. Depending on the situation you are facing, it is good to give yourself a few hours or days to make the best decision.

Evaluate Options

For any decision you have to make, is it important to evaluate the costs and benefits of every option. When you weigh on the pros and cons of every situation, you will be more likely to have control over your decisions. You need to think critically on how your decisions will impact you professionally, financially, physically and emotionally. For big decisions, you need to write down the pros and cons of each option and evaluate critically on the best option to go for.


Focus on high priorities

When making a decision, it is advisable you consider ranking your priorities from high to low. You need to understand what matters most to you in every situation. Learning how to put your priorities right will help you with long term planning. In case you fail to complete your projects, you may only face a lower grade or outcome, that will not have heavily impacted negatively on you.  Consider all alternatives possible and avoid black and white thinking. Always be flexible and ready to make amends and compromises to achieve the most desirable decision.

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