Steps to Building a Strong Team

team buildingEvery year, millions of businesses are launched across the United States and the world in general. Unfortunately, 80 percent of these businesses close the door within the first five years of operation. I have had the privilege of working with tow trucks in Athens and I have a lot to write about on why some businesses fail while others succeed. Some of these factors may include access to capital, the constitution of management, poor timing, wrong product or service, among others.

However, there is one factor that should never be overlooked, and that is the constitution of a team. The team that you set up plays a key role in determining the success or failure of your company. If you are looking forward to setting up a great team, here are key steps to follow.


Understand what a great team is

Seamless teamwork doesn’t occur overnight – it demands committed and conscious effort from all individuals within the team, as well as their leader. There are a few elements that must be present if you are looking to have a great team. There should be clear objectives and each team member must be aware of what the team needs to achieve. There should be clear goals and everyone in the team must be aware of the hierarchy and their roles in it. There should be flawless communication, cooperation, and individual development within the team.


Establish strong leadership

To know about how to build effective teams, you must first learn how to become a great leader. Its only effective leaders who have influence, even in situations they are not around. That influence will push teams to work effectively throughout all groups. To lead teams effectively, you must first establish your leadership with each team member by building relationships of loyalty and trust, rather than one of fear, based on your position. Have a big picture vision, delegate tasks, and responsibilities, communicate goals clearly, and be honest and friendly to an acceptable extent.


Build connections between team members

As a leader, you need to evaluate the way members of your teamwork together. Your job will not be done just by forming a team and giving them instructions. Rather, guide your team to work together with one another in a more efficient way. Come up with team building activities to help members build trust and make them learn they can depend on each other. Improve cooperation, collaboration, and communication among team members.


Establish strong connections


When leading teams, you must know each team member individually. Each person has a specific set of skills, interests, and weaknesses. When you know the potentials of your team members, you can easily match each member to the right task. That way, you will boost their productivity and also make them feel more confident. Build trust and engagement with each employee on a personal level, but avoid getting too personal.

Invite collaborations and contributions and harness the power of employees sharing their ideas to help your company grow. Create an environment that rewards collaboration and makes each member feel valued.

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