How to Build a Positive Company Culture

team buildingWorkplace happiness comes down to people and culture. While working with deck builders Fredericksburg, I learned the importance of fostering strong and positive company culture. Every company has a culture that defines what the company’s values and vision are all about. Many companies focus on the importance of their goods and services and fail to place a critical focus on the employees. The result is a demotivated workforce and high levels of turnover.

If you are looking forward to learning how to build a strong and positive company culture, here is how to go about it;


Focus on employee wellness

No company can expect to have a strong company culture without focusing on the health and wellness of their employees. You need to ensure your employees feel the best emotionally, mentally, and physically to contribute to a positive culture. Employee wellness is the foundation of a positive corporate culture. As a leader, ensure your employees have the resources, tools, and healthcare opportunities that give them the healthiest and happy life.

Peer to peer feedback

You don’t want to be in a situation where employees are working for your company and doing a great job, but do not get any feedback or praise for the good work they do. Employees love feedback and to be appreciated. A culture of feedback and appreciation will make your employees want to stick with you for a long time. To develop a peer recognition program, define and communicate the goals of the program, make peer recognition easy, and give peer recognition weight.


Hire for Cultural Fit

When talking about employee engagement, satisfaction, and happiness at work, coworkers will matter a lot. Employers need to think about the people they are hiring and bringing to their organization. Evaluate how these people will fit within teams and be aligned with the principles and values of an organization. Employees who fit well within their organizations and coworkers will normally have greater job satisfaction. The work of employing culturally fit employees should not only be left to human resources, but members of teams should actively be involved in the selection process.


Foster workplace friendships

Research has shown that work friendships boost employee friendship by at least 50 percent. People who have their best friends at work are seven times more likely to have full engagements in their work. To create a positive company culture, employees need to create internal social groups where people can share their concerns. They also need to create and sponsor traditions that help people to get united.

Encourage positivism

To build a strong positive culture, employees need to encourage positivism in their workplace. Employers need to lead by example by promoting and expressing gratitude and remaining optimistic even during the most difficult situations. Besides remaining positive, employers also need to listen keenly to their employees’ concerns. An employee will feel more valued and satisfied if they are given a platform to air their concerns and grievances even if they are not acted upon. A negative culture is one that subdues employees and halts any mechanisms they can use to express their concerns.

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